A Wealth Checkup through a Second Opinion

A Wealth Checkup through a Second Opinion

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With a high probability of recession looming this year, dentists are entering uncharted territories when it comes to wealth management, income growth and investment. Although dentistry has been virtually “recession-proof”, dental professionals aren’t only concerned about staying in business, but are also looking for ways to thrive economically in uncertain times while securing their futures.

Jun 23, 2023





This webinar outlines the challenges facing dentists in 2023 while highlighting investing and planning opportunities.

3Sixty is partnering with MCM Wealth to share some of the most insightful wealth management expertise in the field so dentists are educated on the current state of the market, the nuances of high-net-worth investing and advanced planning strategies that will protect your and your family’s future.

Learning Objectives

The decline of both stocks and bonds and its effect on investors.

The real cost of market volatility and related mitigation strategies.

Challenges of high-income and high-net-worth individuals.

Different types of tax deferred and executive benefit plans for high-income earners.

Tax mitigation through investments and specific investment strategies.

Why portfolio customization is critical and the discovery process that drives it.

Investments that reduce volatility while still earning solid returns.

Advanced planning strategies that will protect both you and your family.


Geoff Hakim, CFP
CEO, Wealth Manager and Founder of MCM Wealth

Geoffrey Hakim is the Founder, Principal and CEO of MCM Wealth. He sits on the firm’s investment committees and is the firm’s chief marketing officer. 

Mr. Hakim has 40+ years of experience in investments, finance and real estate. He founded MCM Wealth in 1997, began utilizing alternative investments for clients in 2000 and is the firm’s leader and visionary. 

Mr. Hakim’s former work included Merrill Lynch and as a Marin County boutique wealth manager. Before moving from Boston to San Francisco in 1990, Mr. Hakim spent 14 years working in Boston’s downtown office space market where he was co-owner of both a commercial brokerage firm and founder of a development firm. 

Mr. Hakim earned his CFP in 2001 through UC Berkeley and attended the University of Massachusetts, Wentworth Institute and Boston Architectural College.

Kirk Loury provides integration between MCM’s investment and marketing strategies and implementation. He is also co-founder and managing member of Advisable Wealth Engines. 

Mr. Loury has over thirty years of experience in a variety of executive roles covering investing, marketing, and wealth-technology deployment. He has particular expertise in applying well-conceived insurance products as investments within a wealth plan to minimize portfolio volatility, deliver high tax efficiency, and meet multi-generational income goals. 

While having experience with institutional investors, Mr. Loury’s primary focus is with private wealth investors including family offices. Mr. Loury received a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Kirk Loury, MBA

Investment and Marketing Advisor

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3Sixty is a pioneering implantology and digital treatment planning company that is built by dentists for dentists. Based in Atlanta, GA, they provide market-leading guided surgery solutions for dental professionals across the US.

MCM Wealth is a 25-year-old firm based in Northern CA offering comprehensive wealth management and planning services. They specialize in working with high-income, high-net-worth individuals and families desiring customized portfolios and advanced planning solutions, including tax mitigation, estate planning, asset protection and charitable giving.

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