Treatment of Narrow Edentulous Spaces



Treatment of Narrow Edentulous Spaces

Dive into the cutting-edge protocol featured in a recent peer-reviewed case report by the Academy of General Dentistry’s Florida Focus journal.

This case report demonstrates how the advents of ultra-narrow implants and surgical guides revolutionize care for patients with narrow edentulous spaces.

Case Overview

Ultra-narrow implants have become a hot topic in the dental field. Their rise in popularity stems from their potential to transform care in patients indicated for implant placement in smaller edentulous spaces – a task that has long posed challenges due to limited bone width.

With a diameter of around 2.75 mm, ultra-narrow implants offer a viable solution for these challenging cases. However, their placement demands precision and expertise. This is where static surgical guides prove invaluable.

These guides, designed based on detailed 3D imaging of the patient’s oral anatomy, provide a roadmap for the precise placement of ultra-narrow implants. They eliminate guesswork, reduce the risk of complications, and ultimately lead to more predictable and successful outcomes. 


Solutions Used

  • 3Sixty Treatment Planning
  • Atomica Implant Planning Software
  • 3Sixty Surgical Guides

Sneak Peek

Presurgical Procedure

Digitally-guided treatment planning using CBCT and intraoral scan images.

Prosthetically-driven virtual implant placement.

Drilling Protocol.

Surgical guide design.

Surgical Procedure

Ultra-narrow implant placement protocol using a fully guided workflow.

Case by Dr. Paul Mozer

Dr. Paul Mozer graduated from Buffalo School of Dental Medicine where he received academic distinction and clinical commendations. He conducted oral cancer research at Roswell Park Cancer Institute and completed a residency at New York Medical College.

Dr. Mozer has a Master of Science Degree in Oral Implantology from the University of Frankfurt Goethe Dental School, where he is now on faculty lecturing on guided implant surgery and serves as a Clinical Supervisor and Advisor to Master Thesis candidates.

Dr. Mozer is also on the faculty of the AAID Maxicourse in Boston, The Implant Institute of Australia, St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany and the VA Hospital in Buffalo. He has conducted clinical research in 3D static and robotic guided implant surgery and is both a Diplomate and Fellow in International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

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