The State of All-on-X Industry Report

The State of All-on-X in 2024


Get the ultimate survey-based report on the current state of the All-on-X treatment modality with supporting in-depth market research analysis. Explore all the latest and projected dental technology trends in one catch-all resource.

Dental Technology: What's Trending in 2024?

Gain in-depth insights on the current lay of the land for digital dentistry and predicted market potential for full-arch guided surgery. We’ve mapped out the entire spectrum of the dental technology industry so that you can find out where we are and where we’re going when it comes to All-on-X.

The Current State of All-on-X

Digital Dentistry Trends

Recent Innovations in Guided Surgery

Projected Market Growth


In this report, we’re taking a deep dive into the world of digital dentistry and the latest innovations in All-on-X therapy.

We have conducted thorough market research and an online survey aimed at dental practitioners. Our goal with this document is to present the results of the survey analysis in order to explore how our findings reflect the current and projected trends in this fascinating area of dentistry.

In doing so, we hope to draw an accurate picture of the current state of the All-on-X treatment method and extrapolate what the future holds for it.

The New Benchmark in All-on-X Surgery

Here’s What the Best in the Game are Saying About the Anatomic Guide®

“I’ve been teaching guided surgery utilizing all systems possible for the past 12 years, and I have to say I was impressed. As a board-certified dual specialist, I can say it was a pleasure using the system.”
Bobby Birdi DMD, MS

“Incredible merging of technology and know-how. I became a believer in the diamond latch. I know we can complete a dual arch case in under three hours.”

Gordon Brady, DMD

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