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Scalloped Guide

Precision bone sculpting like never before

Use highly-precise CAD/CAM technology to gain the ideal restorative space for natural, beautiful and pink-free implant-supported fixed dental prostheses.

No more bad-looking, plaque-accumulating prostheses that break easily! Your patients’ satisfaction with the looks and functionality of their final restorations is guaranteed!

Why Do the Top Names in the Industry
Recommend the Scalloped Guide?

Bone Preservation

Sculpt the bony ridge with extreme precision.

Increased Visibility

Enjoy enhanced surgical maneuverability and visual accessibility.

Precise Implant Placement

Place each implant according to the prosthetically-driven treatment plan.

Functional Clearance

Achieve high anatomical accuracy when preparing the restorative space.

Reduced Swelling

Minimize postoperative pain and swelling with accelerated healing time.

Streamlined Workflow

Cut down on chair time and save yourself and your patient the undue stress.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Here’s What the Best in the Game are Saying About 3Sixty Surgical Guides

“A reputable and respected source. I’ve been using 3Sixty for the better part of 10 years; they’re outstanding. They have one of the best guides I’ve seen in the market. Once you give them the OK, they design and send you everything you need including the temporary restorations.”
Maurice Salama, DMD

“I’ve been using 3Sixty for 10 years, and they are both thorough and very reliable. The surgical guides are pristine and always have a perfect fit. I highly recommend 3Sixty to any doctor who does implant cases.”


3Sixty Scalloped Guide Package

This comprehensive package includes everything you need for FP1 and FP2 immediate load protocol.

Analog Model

Articulation Piece

Verification Mount

Scalloped Guide (i.e. bone scalloping guide)

Implant Surgical Guide

Immediate Loading PMMA Temporaries

Bone Screw Kit

3Sixty's Scalloped Guide Is Steadily Becoming the Gold Standard

When it comes to bone scalloping guides due to its precision, visual accessibility, stability and minimally invasive surgical flap requirements.

Scalloped Guide

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