People & Culture

Meet Our 3Sixty Family

Our team is distributed around the US, Egypt and Europe. Yet, no matter how many miles try to separate us, we are all loyal members of one big family who genuinely cherish working together.

What Is Our Family Like?

We are diligent

The extra mile is our standard by choice of all 3Sixty family members.

We are respectful

Treating one another and our customers with respect is a non-negotiable directive at 3Sixty.

We are transparent

Through thick and thin, we always value honest, heart-to-heart communication.

We are ambitious

Just like 3Sixty keeps breaking new ground, our family members seek personal growth daily.

We like having fun!

From Thanksgiving getaways to Halloween bashes, we put the fun in function and enjoy making memories together.

The Perks of Being a 3Sixty Family Member

Hybrid Work

International Culture

Healthcare Coverage

Financial Wellness Solutions

Exclusive Discounts

Our Family Is Always Growing