How Can I Send Physical Models and Impressions to 3Sixty?

In some instances, as part of the case submission requirements for our surgical guides, you will need to physically send us PVS impressions and/or diagnostic wax-up models by regular post– particularly if intraoral scans aren’t available.

This is the case for the following surgical templates:

We frequently get asked this question: “How can I send you this stuff by regular mail?


To physically send models or impressions to 3Sixty, please make sure you do the following:

  • Download our Model Scan Request Form.
  • Fill in the form and make sure to enter both doctor’s name and patient’s name.
  • Pack models/impressions for each patient in a separate container or bag, and enclose a copy of the printed form within.

Can I get a shipping label so that I can mail the case requirements to you?

We do not provide shipping labels but you can ship the package directly to 3Sixty via UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

After sending the package, please make sure to keep the tracking number and email it to [email protected].

Alternatively, you can send us an email to confirm that the required material has been shipped, so we can be on the lookout for it.

Our address is:

3Sixty LLC.

6445 Powers Ferry Rd.


Atlanta, GA 30339

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