Digital Guided Surgery [Orlando October ’24]


Digital Guided Surgery from Diagnosis to Delivery

Whether you’re a beginner or have been performing guided surgery for years, this comprehensive 2-day course is designed to bring you up to speed with the latest innovations in the field, as well as the most recent clinical research, guidance and evidence-based best practices.

October 18 - 19, 2024

7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. [EST]

Orlando, FL


16 CE


Successful implant surgery is reliant upon accurate position of the implant and its prosthetic components. Surgical guides can be fabricated from CBCT images and digital treatment plans to make ideal implant placement a simple reality.

How accurate is guided surgery? What does the research prove?
If I routinely perform single implant placements, how complicated is the jump to predictable All-on-X full-arch therapy? Who can assist me in planning cases and fabricating surgical guides?

Complete integrated workflows will be reviewed step by step to take the participants through assisted guided implant planning to prosthetic placement. Having a great team that’s fully integrated is the key to success.

Full-arch implant surgery aims to rehabilitate patients with terminal dentition. The All-on-X concept employs four or more implants supporting a precisely fabricated full-arch prosthesis.

This innovative modality will revolutionize your full-arch cases and help propel you and your practice to deliver efficient, precise and straightforward treatment to your patients.

This procedure is particularly designed for doctors seeking to maximize chairside efficiency through same-day, immediate-load restorative protocols which are both practical and predictable.

This comprehensive clinical workshop will get you to master the fundamentals of All-on-X surgical and prosthetic workflows using advanced protocols for edentulous cases.

Through hands-on practice, you’ll learn diagnosis, treatment planning, digital workflow, prosthetically-driven implant placement and immediate loading of provisional prosthesis.

Practice benchtop fully-guided implant surgery by following along a detailed, step-by-step clinical demo under the guidance and supervision of certified experts.

Course Objectives

Review of guided implant surgery options.

Review of the advantages and disadvantages of guided surgery in various clinical conditions.

Review of digital and analog workflows, intraoral scanner advantages and disadvantages and workflows.

Hands-on demonstrations of several common intraoral scanners on the market.

Current clinical research and the step-by-step clinical process of simple and All-on-X full-arch guided surgery.

Hands-on interactive demonstration of predictable full-arch guided surgery on models with guided kits, models, surgical guides and implants.

How to preplan cases to limit complications and how to manage if they arise intraoperatively.

Learn key diagnostic tools and case selection criteria.

Master the advanced stackable systems for fully guided implant placement.

Gain an understanding of functional considerations for stability and esthetics.

Understand the design and fabrication phases of full-arch provisionalization.

Bone grafting options and techniques and osseodensification protocols


Dr. Nathan Doyel graduated from OHSU dental school in 1997 with honors. He has been honored as a “Top Dentist” in Oregon for many years and is the founder of Deserving Smile, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to reconstructing entire smiles for deserving individuals. He has been an innovator with the “Trial Smile”, a technique developed for full mouth reconstruction to ensure ideal results.

Dr Doyel also has extensive training in sinus lifts, bone augmentation, bone expansion and grafts, guided surgery, periodontics, periodontal therapy, gum grafts, and laser therapy. Dr. Doyel is a Fellow with the AAID and Diplomate with the ABOI/ID.

Nathan Doyel, DMD, FAAID,


Orlando, Florida, United States

Orlando, Florida, USA

What Dentists are Saying

100% I would recommend it.

[With] this course, it’s very easy to do it that way.

I recommend this course if you do All-on-X cases.

I think it’s a practical product and it’s an intuitive design.

User-friendly; highly recommend it.

[The course] covers all the bases to include the surgical, prosthetic and lab components.

Highlights from All-on-X Clinical Workshop


3Sixty is a pioneering implantology and digital treatment planning company that is built by dentists for dentists. Based in Atlanta, GA, they provide market-leading guided surgery solutions for dental professionals across the US.

Neodent is a leading dental implant company in immediate treatment protocols such as immediate implant placement or immediate loading.

Predictable Full-Arch Guided Surgery [August 2024 Round: CO]

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