Chairside Assistants

Chairside Assistants

Super Streamlined Full-Arch Workflow

Whether you’ve just begun dipping your toes into full-arch surgery or already have multiple cases under your belt, 3Sixty Chairside Assistants are here to make both your surgical and prosthetic workflows extremely smooth on surgery day.

Meet Your Expert Assistants

Meet our star-studded team of certified dental assistants, carefully selected for their unparalleled technical expertise and ability to work in perfect sync with clinicians.

With razor-sharp attention to detail, 3Sixty Chairside Assistants are adept at anticipating your every need while never getting in the way.

Expect an efficient, collaborative and patient-first experience during both your surgical and restorative workflows.

How Can Our Experts Streamline Your Workflow?

Pre-Verification of Surgical Components

Your assistant's first task is to verify you have the right implants and components for surgery, ensuring smooth sailing from then on.

Facilitation of the Drilling Protocol

Never have to pause while drilling for implant placement as your assistant preps you with every minute detail in the drilling protocol.

Mastery of the Anatomic Guide®

Place the Anatomic Guide® like a pro as your assistant guides you through our benchmark-setting full-arch stackable system.

Reliable Extra Set of Eyes and Hands

Your assistants have the clinical experience to back you up during every step of the surgery, from bone reduction to MUA placement.

Proficient PMMA Temps Finishing

As you start suturing, your assistant works on the PMMA, polishing it, removing latches and adding pink for immediate loading.

Half the Chairtime

Our 3Sixty digital workflow has helped a myriad of clinicians cut down on chairtime by up to 50%. With a 3Sixty Chairside Assistant added to the mix, it's as good as guaranteed!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Here’s What the Best in the Game Say About Working with 3Sixty

“A reputable and respected source. I’ve been using 3Sixty for the better part of 10 years; they’re outstanding. They have one of the best guides I’ve seen in the market. Once you give them the OK, they design and send you everything you need including the temporary restorations.”
Maurice Salama, DMD

“I’ve been using 3Sixty for 10 years, and they are both thorough and very reliable. The surgical guides are pristine and always have a perfect fit. I highly recommend 3Sixty to any doctor who does implant cases.”


3Sixty Chairside Assistants Are Revolutionizing Full-Arch Surgery

They seamlessly integrate into your workflow and possess the reliability, expertise and teamwork spirit that you need to streamline your surgery.

Chairside Assistants

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