Prosthetically Driven Full-Arch Rehabilitation Case Report



Prosthetically Driven Full-Arch Rehabilitation

Discover the 3Sixty game-changer utilized by full arch masters to give their patients picture-perfect All-on-X smiles in record time!

Case History

Partially edentulous 65-year-old male missing most of his teeth in the upper arch. 

Due to their poor prognosis, his upper remaining teeth and roots were indicated for extraction. The treatment options were discussed with the patient, which included a full rehabilitation of the upper arch, involving extraction of all the teeth and remaining roots followed by placement of six dental implants, which would support a screw-retained bridge.

Treatment Goal

To deliver an aesthetic and long-lasting fixed restoration from beginning to end with a fully digital workflow.

3Sixty’s fully digital Anatomic Guideᵀᴹ protocol for full-arch rehabilitation was chosen as the perfect solution to achieve the treatment goal. This protocol incorporates 3Sixty Treatment Planning services provided by 3Sixty Dentists and 3Sixty Dental Planning Software (Atomica.ai). 

The patient’s intraoral and CBCT scans were taken and merged with the digital wax-up. This enabled 3Sixty Dentists to plan the treatment according to the patient’s restorative needs.

Solutions Used

  • 3Sixty TX (Treatment Planning Services)
  • Atomica.ai (Dental Planning Software)
  • 3Sixty Anatomic Guideᵀᴹ (Full-Arch Stackable System)
    ➵ Bone Reduction Guide
    ➵ Implant Placement Guide
    ➵ Prosthetic Seat :(The Game-Changer!)
    ➵ PMMA Temporary Prosthesis

What Makes the Prosthetic Seat Protocol a Game-Changer?

Seamless Angled
Abutments Placement

PMMA Loading

Reduced Chairtime

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Delve into the art of prosthetically-driven planning to limit complications.

Discover the perks of a cohesive digital workflow from pre-surgery to surgery day.

Take a peek into the surgical technique of a full-arch master at work.

View the stunningly detailed pictures documenting every single step.

Case by Dr. Ara Nazarian

Graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry and completed an AEGD residency from the US Navy in San Diego.

Completed advanced dental implants and grafting training from the Misch International Implant Institute.

Diplomate in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Teaches non-invasive extractions, grafting, full-mouth rehabilitation, and 3D diagnosis and treatment planning with CBCT.

Published nationally and internationally in leading dental publications.

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