Anatomic Guide®

3Sixty Anatomic Guide®

Your practical, preplanned and predictable solution to reliable full-arch rehabilitation.

The Anatomic Guide® is a groundbreaking bone reduction guide for full-arch guided implant placement surgery. It’s a completely-guided, stackable system that gives you unmatched accuracy and predictability in terms of restorative treatment outcomes.

Why Do the Top Names in the Industry
Recommend the Anatomic Guide® ?

Fast & Fuss-Free Surgery

Less visits and shorter chairtime with pre-surgical implant planning.

Fully-guided drilling protocol with virtually no surgical deviation.

Overall surgery time is cut down by more than 50%.

Minimal Flapping

Only buccal flap is required for placement; no lingual or palatal flaps needed.

Less invasive; vital intraoral structures are intact.

Reduced healing time, less postoperative pain and swelling.

Small Size & Light Weight

75% smaller than conventional guides.

Transparent material; enhances visibility and accessibility.

Dual arch rehabilitation can be done in under 5 hours.

Superior Strength & Support

State-of-the-art production technology and materials.

Titanium screw-locking system; Anatomic Guide® is locked into the bone with metal screws.

No cantilever or rocking effects; enhanced support.

Best Fit, Accuracy & Stability

Highest anatomical accuracy; sits flush on the bony ridge.

Embraces the undercut space and distinctive intraoral structures tightly.

Increased stability across the arch.

Team Approach

Better time management and faster turnaround time.

Digital treatment planning is done by fellow dentists, not dental lab technicians.

Full support at every stage of the workflow.

Watch the Anatomic Guide® in Action

What You Get in the Anatomic Guide® Package

The comprehensive surgical package includes:

Anatomic cast/analog model

Articulation piece

Vertical mount

Anatomic Guide®

Surgical guide for implant placement

Metal pins, fixation screws/pilot

Temporary PMMA provisional with latches (pre-drilled and pre-cut cylinders)

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Here’s What the Best in the Game are Saying About the Anatomic Guide®

“I’ve been teaching guided surgery utilizing all systems possible for the past 12 years, and I have to say I was impressed. As a board-certified dual specialist, I can say it was a pleasure using the system.”
Bobby Birdi DMD, MS

“Incredible merging of technology and know-how. I became a believer in the diamond latch. I know we can complete a dual arch case in under three hours.”

Gordon Brady, DMD

Watch the Anatomic Guide™ in Action

3Sixty Anatomic Guide® Is the Culmination Of

Successful Implants

Certified Dental Labs

Dental Professionals

The Anatomic Guide® Is Steadily Becoming the Gold Standard

When it comes to bone reduction guides due to its small size, superior strength, stability and minimally invasive surgical flap requirements.

Anatomic Guide

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