About us

Bringing Digital Dentistry to Millions

Your Right-Hand Partner in Dental Tech Excellence

Our Mission

We believe that dental technology is the great equalizer and we make it our mission to bring digital dentistry to each and every one who needs it. We’re ushering in a new generation of cutting-edge technological solutions and striving to revolutionize the field of dentistry for the sake of both dental professionals as well as patients.

At the core of our brand is groundbreaking innovation that’s been changing the face of dental care for the better. We aim to establish digital dentistry as the standard of care in both education and clinical practice. We’re big on relentlessly supporting our partners and becoming an extension of their business.

Our Core Values

Unwavering precision

Unmatched accuracy

Unadulterated quality

Uncompromising support

Unyielding commitment

The Story So Far

In 2005, 360Imaging opened for business based on a market need for scanning centers throughout the South East of the US. We started out as a dental scanning facility in Atlanta, GA– hence the “Imaging” in our old name!

Just 2 years later, we started offering treatment planning and guide design software. In 2009, we became one of the first service providers to hire dentists, not lab technicians, for implant treatment planning. Then we went on to establish ourselves as guided surgery and dental technology early pioneers and adopters.

In 2022, we evolved into 3Sixty; an agile cutting-edge dental tech company– with the emphasis on “tech”. We still have our dental lab extension but we continue to develop and evolve bringing the most technologically-advanced digital dentistry to all.

3Sixty Timeline


Started as a dental scanning


Launched treatment planning and guide design software.


Launched treatment planning services by dentists.


Started offering dental lab partnerships.


Rebranded to 3Sixty.

3Sixty Academy acquired AGD PACE approval.


Started offering restorative solutions for our full-arch cases.

Launched 360Academy; continuing dental education platform.


Launched Restorative Solutions


Introduced the Anatomic Guide®: stackable, guided full-arch rehab system.

Life at 3Sixty

An international team of dentists, engineers and businesspeople of all specialties working together in perfect harmony? That is life at 3Sixty!