3Sixty and Atomica AI Join Forces to Bring Cutting-Edge Guided Surgery to Dental Professionals

In a move that will shake up the entire landscape of the dental industry, we’re thrilled at 3Sixty to launch a new partnership with rising digital dentistry pioneer, Atomica AI, employing the latter’s cutting-edge implant planning and guided surgery software.

The Partnership

3Sixty has been providing high-quality dental implant solutions for almost two decades, while Atomica AI has quickly disrupted the market with its innovative digital dentistry offerings, including treatment planning and CAD/CAM software. Together, we’ll be able to offer a comprehensive range of services and usher in a new era of AI-powered treatment plans and streamlined surgery.

The Growing Need for Precise Implant Planning

Implant planning is a critical step in the treatment process. As documented through research and clinical evidence, precise implant planning is crucial for the long-term success of the implant and the health of the surrounding tissues. Otherwise, a patient might end up with malpositioned implants which can cause damage to vital structures and ultimately prolong treatment time and increase treatment costs.

To prevent that, prosthetically-driven implant planning has emerged as the new standard of care in implant dentistry. This approach involves planning the implant placement based on the desired prosthetic outcome, taking into account the available bone volume, the location of vital structures, and esthetic considerations.

However, while the advantages of precise, prosthetically-driven implant planning are obvious, it’s still an intricate and time-consuming process for dental professionals. And that’s exactly where Atomica AI steps in.

How Atomica AI Is Changing the Game

Atomica AI’s implant planning software utilizes the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to enable dental professionals to create treatment plans with unparalleled precision in a few minutes. With 3D visualization features, dental professionals can simulate the implant placement procedure before the actual surgery. In doing so, Atomica AI’s implant planning software reduces the time and cost associated with traditional implant surgery.

What’s in It for 3Sixty Customers?

Upgrading to a modern, AI-powered implant planning and CAD platform like Atomica AI can provide many benefits to dental practices, such as:


      1. Increased accuracy: Atomica’s AI algorithms can optimize implant placement, enhancing accuracy and reducing the risk of surgical errors.
      2. Streamlined workflow: Atomica’s platform offers a streamlined workflow from data acquisition to surgical guide fabrication, saving time and improving efficiency.
      3. Enhanced patient outcomes: By using Atomica’s platform to improve accuracy and precision, 3Sixty can enhance patient outcomes, reducing the risk of surgical complications and improving overall satisfaction.
      4. Competitive advantage: By adopting the latest advancements in digital dentistry, 3Sixty customers can gain a competitive edge over other practices that may still be using traditional freehand implant placement methods.




    We’re excited for all 3Sixty customers to experience the future of digital dentistry and side by side with Atomica AI, we are committed to providing benchmark-setting solutions to drive growth and innovation in the industry. 

    Sign up now to download the latest version of Atomica AI Implant Planner for free from here.

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