3Sixty Workflow for Treatment Planning

This article explains the workflow steps involved in ordering a treatment plan made by 3Sixty Dentists. You can check the all 3Sixty Surgical Guides’ requirements by following the links below:

Step 1

Upload all the required material for your case using 3Sixty Courier. If you are not sure how to submit an order through 3Sixty Courier, please click here for a quick guide on how to do so.

Step 2

A 3Sixty Dentist will prepare a preliminary treatment plan using your implant of choice. Once finished, you will receive an email with the plan report as well as copies of the report and all the implant planning files via 3Sixty Courier, so make sure you track the progress of your case there.

Step 3

You will also be invited for a quick conference call to discuss the plan and go through any clinical details or questions you might have. The treatment planning session (online review) is optional.

You can download our viewer here. This will give you access to go through the scans and preview the implant treatment plan. The viewer also allows you to take measurements for verification and modification purposes.

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