3Sixty Workflow for the Anatomic Guide®

This article explains the workflow steps involved in ordering 3Sixty Anatomic Guide® or Restorative Solution. You can check the case requirements for each by following the links below:

Step 1

To start off, you will need to send us a number of items via 3Sixty Courier and in some instances, by post. If you are not sure how to submit an order through 3Sixty Courier, please click here for a quick guide on how to do so.

Step 2

3Sixty will digitally prepare the wax-up design by overlaying the 2D digital smile design onto the 3D intraoral scan and send it for approval. You can easily check everything on 3Sixty Courier from your PC or smart device.

Step 3

Once approved by you, a 3Sixty Dentist will adjust the plan according to the digital smile design (i.e. diagnostic wax-up) via Atomica Implant Planning Software.

Step 4

A fully-detailed plan report is generated via 360DPS at this stage and a conference call is scheduled to discuss the proposed treatment plan. 3Sixty coordinates a virtual consultation session between you and a 3Sixty Dentist. The digital plan is reviewed clinically and biomechanically. All parties sign off on the case in order to proceed to the next stage.

Step 5

3Sixty then designs and 3D prints the Anatomic Guide® and all necessary parts for the case according to the specifications of the treatment plan. Afterward, the digital STL files and the 3D-printed components are sent to the lab to begin manufacturing the PMMA provisional restoration.

Step 6

The verification process is complete, and a comprehensive surgical kit is directly delivered to the dental office prior to surgery.

We aim to get the kit delivered to you in approximately:

  • 10 business days if the PMMA temporary prosthesis is not included in your order.
  • 15 business days if the PMMA temporary prosthesis is included in your order (Restorative Solution).

The Anatomic Guide® package includes:

  • Analog model
  • Articulation piece
  • Vertical mount
  • Anatomic Guide® for bone reduction
  • Surgical (i.e. implant placement) guide
  • PMMA temporary prosthesis (when you order the Restorative Solution)

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