3Sixty Tooth-Supported Guide

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A tooth-supported surgical guide is a surgical template used for guided implant placement. It is commonly seated on the teeth and parts of the soft tissue in partially edentulous areas.



This product is used for crown and bridge cases where single or multiple implants are placed in each specified area of interest in partially edentulous patients.

Turnaround Time

It takes 5 business days to make and deliver a tooth-supported guide to your office after final confirmation. 

Case Selection

Simple Cases

Complex Cases

Area of interest is located posteriorly, or the patient is only missing 1 – 2 teethAnterior and highly aesthetic cases, or the patient is missing 3 or more teeth in one area of interest.

Surgical Guide Requirements

  1. Full-arch CBCT scan.
  2. PVS impression or intraoral scan.
  3. Diagnostic wax-up.


We strongly recommend making a diagnostic wax up/digital smile design for all complex cases.

You request for this service via our 3Sixty Courier software.



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