360Imaging Is Now 3Sixty!

360Imaging is now 3Sixty! 

Back in 2005, in the dawn of guided surgery, 360Imaging opened for business based on a market need for scanning centers throughout the South East of the US. We started out as a dental scanning facility in Atlanta, GA– hence the “Imaging” in our old name! 

However, we’ve come a long way since then. We’ve been evolving into much, much more than a mere dental lab. We’re now 3Sixty; an agile cutting-edge dental tech company– with the emphasis on “tech”. We still have our dental lab extension but we continue to develop and evolve bringing the most technologically-advanced digital dentistry to all. 

The main distinction between 3Sixty and other service providers is our 3Sixty Dentists. Most brands rely on dental laboratory technicians to provide implant planning or guide design solutions. However, 3Sixty Dentists are actual dental practitioners who are passionate about digital planning and guided implant surgery. 

With 3Sixty, you get your very own elite team of treatment planners who have real-life clinical experience and hundreds of cases under their belts. When it comes to complex cases, you want to be able to discuss the options with a peer who knows how things work in real-world scenarios and not just on the screen. 

At the core of our new identity is groundbreaking innovation that’s been changing the face of dental care for the better. We aim to establish digital dentistry as the standard of care in both education and clinical practice. We’re big on relentlessly supporting our partners and becoming an extension of their business. 

Our core values:

  • Unwavering precision
  • Unmatched accuracy
  • Unadulterated quality
  • Uncompromising support
  • Unyielding commitment 

3Sixty Solutions

Treatment Planning

Full-Arch Systems

  • Anatomic Guide®
  • All-in-One
  • Scalloped Guide
  • Infinity Guide
  • Zygomatic Guide
  • Pterygoid Guide

Surgical Guides

  • Tooth-Supported Guide
  • Tissue-Supported Guide
  • Bone-Supported Guide
  • PET Guide
  • Gingiva Guide

Radiology Reports

3Sixty Academy

3Sixty is committed to supporting our wider dental community by offering various online courses, in-person programs and clinical workshops.

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