360Imaging Introduces New Name, Concept of Connection to Further Elevate Client Experience

ATLANTA, Feb. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 360Imaging, the industry-leading provider of products and services for digital dentistry, is proud to announce a new name as of February 2023, 3Sixty, as well as a renewed focus on raising business awareness for its clients, designed by its team and key speakers.

3Sixty has been leading the industry of computer-guided surgery for more than 15 years, offering a wide range of innovative solutions to professionals and their patients. Now, the company is focusing on how they can help their clients grow their businesses through a new connection strategy.

“3Sixty doesn’t only sells products and services, but our main focus is in providing experience to our customers. We don’t only believe in pushing our limits to raise the standards of care and offering innovative dental solutions through our in-house dentists and CAD team, but we push in creating business awareness for our dentists to help increase revenue to help them recession-proof their businesses and ensure our doctors are covered to escalate their business even during an industry slowdown,” said CEO Ayman Abouhend.

Through personalized connection with 3Sixty and its dentists, the company is using business webinars to help its clients grow their business awareness through educational webinars that will be held every quarter. In the webinars, keynote speakers that are industry experts will speak to the dentists, offering their best advice for raising business awareness, increasing revenue, and navigating the economic crisis.

3Sixty’s new focus will help enhance the customer experience by providing a personalized journey.

Partnering with 3Sixty provides its clients with the unique 3Sixty experience, including:

  • Educational programs
  • Treatment planning by specialized in-house 3Sixty doctors
  • Customization for every case sent to us
  • Designs by the CAD Team, dedicated to perfecting your case
  • Innovative products like the Anatomic Guides

“Our mission is to provide comprehensive services and needs-based solutions for our clients while offering a smooth, optimized, and valuable workflow for our partners,” Abouhend said.

About 3Sixty

3Sixty is a pioneer in the world of implantology and digital dentistry. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, we provide a range of unique products and services to implant professionals and their patients.

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