3Sixty Digital Smile Design Guidelines

This article outlines the guidelines of ordering a Digital Smile Design (DSD) or wax-up made by 3Sixty.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Make a new order in 3 Sixty Courier and upload the patient’s DICOM files (CBCT).
  2. Check the boxes for “DSD”, “Wax-up” or both on the order form.
  3. Upload upper and lower intraoral scans in occlusion or send us the patient’s impressions with bite registration.
  4. If the patient is edentulous, please refer to our Dual Scan Protocol.
  5. Upload the patient’s photos using the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Digital Smile Design Photography

A set of 6 photos is required for optimum results

Photo 1 – Lips Retracted

Retracted front view with the teeth apart – fixed head position.

  • Eyes must be open.
  • Eyes look straight to camera lens.
  • If the patient is wearing glasses, they should remove them.
  • Teeth apart- have patient say “eee”.
  • Head looking straight ahead in a fixed position.
  • The entire face should be in frame.
  • Keep the same position for Photo 2.

Photo 2 — Full Smile

Full-smile front view – teeth apart.

  • Make sure same head position is as Photo 1.
  • Eyes must be open.
  • Remove retractors.
  • Have patient say “eee” with teeth apart 1-2 mm.

Photo 3 — Profile Smile

Take a photo of the patient’s side profile with a full smile.

  • Make sure you have the full side profile.
  • Patient must be smiling.

Photo 4 — Profile Relaxed

Take the photo of the patient’s profile with

  • lips and teeth in contact.

Photo 5 — 12 O’clock

This is one of the most important photos for DSD

  • Patient must be smiling.
  • When smiling, teeth have to be resting on the lower lip.
  • Incisal edge should be visible.
  • The whole face has to be in frame.

Photo 6 — Occlusal View

Photo of the upper arch from an occlusal angle.

  • At minimum, the photo has to include from the central incisors to the first premolars.


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