3Sixty Anatomic Guide®

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The Anatomic Guide® is a surgical template used for full-arch bone reduction, guided implant placement and immediately loading a PMMA provisional prosthesis. It is a stackable system that acts as a a foundation for different pieces that can be attached through latches on top of it using metal pins.


This product is used for current or prospective completely edentulous who require same-day implant placement.

Turnaround Time

It takes 10 business days to make and deliver the Anatomic Guide® after receiving your final confirmation on the case.

Case Selection

Dentate PatientsEdentulous Patients

●     Patient has 3 – 5 teeth at least and is going to have them extracted on the day of surgery.

●     Teeth should not be mobile or extensively damaged to be able to support the Vertical Mount.

●     Patients who have no teeth present in their mouth.

●     Patients who wear a complete removable denture.

Anatomic Guide® Requirements

For Dentate Patients

  1. Full-arch CBCT scan.
  2. PVS impression or intraoral scan.

For Edentulous Patients

Dual Scan Protocol is recommended.

What’s included in the Anatomic Guide® package?

When your case is ready for delivery, you will receive the following items:

  • Analog model
  • Articulation piece
  • Vertical mount
  • Anatomic Guide®
  • Surgical (i.e. implant placement) guide

Bone Screw Kit

In order to stabilize the Anatomic Guide® inside the patient’s mouth, and attach the additional pieces, you’ll need the Bone Screw Kit. This is a one-off purchase that you can reuse for your next Anatomic Guide® cases.

The Kit includes:

3Sixty Anatomic Guide® Metal Pins (to attach other pieces using the latches)
Mini Bone Screws
Mini Drill Bit
Mini Handpiece Shaft

You can order the Kit here: https://360imaging.com/product-category/bone-screw-kit/

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