3Sixty Restorative Solution

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The 3Sixty Restorative Solution is a full-package service that includes implant treatment planning, as well as the design and fabrication of the surgical guide, Anatomic Guide®, PMMA provisional restoration and final restoration– all delivered to you in one box.


  • The Restorative Solution is used for current or prospective completely edentulous patients who are eligible for same-day implant placement.
  • It can be used for patients who may or may not require bone reduction.
  • It is used for guided implant placement and immediate loading of PMMA provisional prostheses.

Turnaround Time

It takes 15 business days for a Restorative Solution box to be delivered to your office– from the day we receive all the requirements or the day you approve the case, whichever is later.

Case Selection

Dentate PatientsEdentulous Patients

●     Patient has 3 – 5 teeth at least and is going to have them extracted on the day of surgery.

●     Teeth should not be mobile or extensively damaged to be able to support the Vertical Mount.

●     Patients who have no teeth present in their mouth.

●     Patients who wear a complete removable denture.

Restorative Solution Requirements

For Dentate Patients

  1. Full Mouth CBCT Scan
  2. Upper arch PVS impression or intraoral scan.
  3. Lower arch PVS impression or intraoral scan.
  4. Centric bite registration or intraoral scan.
  5. Patient’s diagnostic and profile photos (recommended for Digital Smile Design)

Profile photos of the patient

Normal smile line.
Same alignment but with cheeks retracted.
A set of profile view photos of the right and left side of the patient; both at rest and smiling.


Oncethe  above requirements are received, the design stage of the diagnostic wax up can start.

For Edentulous Patients

Requirements for edentulous patients will depend on how well-fitting their current denture is.

If the denture fits well:

Only Dual Scan Protocol will be needed.

If the denture is ill-fitting:

The current denture will have to be relined or a new denture will need to be made. In either case, Dual Scan Protocol plus the following items will be required:

  1. PVS impression or intraoral scan with a  denture.
  2. PVS impression or intraoral scan of the opposing arch.
  3. PVS impression or intraoral scan for centric bite.

What’s included in the Restorative Solution package?

When your case is ready for delivery, you will receive the following items:

  • Analog model
  • Reduced analog model
  • Articulation piece
  • Vertical mount
  • Anatomic Guide®
  • Surgical (i.e. implant placement) guide
  • Pre-op teeth
  • PMMA provisional prosthesis
  • Zirconia finals

Bone Screw Kit

In order to stabilize the Anatomic Guide® inside the patient’s mouth, and attach the additional pieces, you’ll need the Bone Screw Kit. This is a one-off purchase that you can reuse for your next Anatomic Guide® cases.

The Kit includes:

3Sixty Anatomic Guide® Metal Pins (to attach other pieces using the latches)
Mini Bone Screws
Mini Drill Bit
Mini Handpiece Shaft

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